Welcome to AIMA WA

Australian Indian Medical Association WA (AIMA WA) is a Not for Profit Association of Doctors of Indian Subcontinental Heritage & Others with similar Interests established in 2008. AIMA stands to provide a platform for Doctors of Indian origin to meet at regular intervals for Social & scientific activities.

AIMA has been involved in organising Educational Meets, Promoting social & professional networking, community & charitable activities since its inception. AIMA has been raising funds for charitable causes and have contributed to Covid appeal India,UNHCR,Destiny rescue and Save the children to name a few.

The Newly Elected Executive committee team of AIMA is committed to continue& improve on the work of previous committees.

The Current AIMA Committee team is working towards establishing a constitution for AIMA house ( hub for charitable activities for AIMA ). The Committee will update when this has been accomplished.

AIMA works closely with other Indian regional associations especially Indian Society of Western Australia ( ISWA) the parent Indian body to do educational talks, radio programs & assist in health updates to Indian community be it women/child health, vaccinations, substance abuse/ domestic violence & Many aspects of Preventive Health. AIMA also assist ISWA in a large way to conduct their annual sport events like Cricket, Badminton & chess.

The Team aims towards having interstate liaisons with corollary medical associations to have the broad vision of Indian doctors of Australia over the next decade.

AIMA Already have established a women’s wing and Youth wing (Medical students)

The past decade was in establishment the next decade is to consolidate & expand AIMA to new horizons.

YEAR 2008

  • 19th December 2008
    The current AIMA logo was designed under leadership of Dr Paddy Ramanathan and obtained registration with Trademark Australia.
  • 24th February 2008

    The first AGM of AIMA took place at AGNI Indian restaurant. The meeting elected the inaugural committee of AIMA. The Founding President was Dr Paddy Ramanathan with Dr Sunil Kaushik as the Vice President.

  • 15th January 2008

    Official Incorporation was awarded for AIMA.

YEAR 2007

  • December 2007

    A formal application was submitted with DOCEP (Consumer Affairs).

  • November 2007

    DOCEP was contacted as per requirement, a newspaper advertisement was placed about the intention of creating an association.

  • October 2007

    The focus group of about 20 doctors met to discuss further about the Charity and other issues. After extensive deliberations, the name “Australian Indian Medical Association” was chosen.

  • September 2007

    A gala dinner meeting was organised at Tawarri Function Centre, on the banks for the Swan River in Dalkeith.

    It was at this meeting both Paddy and Sunil took the initiative in taking a positive step towards the creation of the organisation. After intensive discussion, a ‘focus group’ of volunteers was created to chalk out the nitty-gritty of setting up the assocation.

YEAR 2002

  • 29th October 2002

    Inaugural Meeting of INDOCS was conducted at AGNI Indian restaurant. There were about 120 doctors who attended a very exciting evening of talks and fine Indian food! The meeting was supported by Pharmacia Pharmaceuticals. Click here for pictures.

    Since then we have seen annual dinner meetings at various locations. Over the following years the concept of forming an official organisation was brewing in the minds of many.

  • 19th April 2002

    During a gathering to honour Dr Bedrinath, an eminent Indian ophthalmologist visiting Perth, the need of “data base” of Indian doctors was discussed.
    Database of approximately 200 Indian doctors of WA was created under leadership of Dr Paddy Ramanathan and Dr Sunil Kaushik . The group was called ‘INDOCS’ a name coined by Sunil.

AIMAWA News Letter

News Letter is Released Quarterly for All Its Members