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AIMA WA History

Australian Indian Medical Association WA (AIMA WA) is a Not for Profit Association of Doctors of Indian Subcontinental Heritage & Others with similar Interests established in 2008. AIMA st...
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Australian Indian Medical Association provides a unique opportunity to socialize, communicate and promote Indian origin doctors in Australia, who are from different cultures, linguistic backgrounds and even different countries.

Dr. Sarvesh Singh

The rapid rise of AIMA is simply due to its doctrine of Collegiality among its members. I am attracted to this camaraderie and the sociability it brings in.

Dr. Shankar Shetty

What other way than AIMA to bring our Indian Doctors together under one roof .We are grateful and appreciative for all the sincere efforts the members have taken to execute this.It is a single place to share all medical information and updates through our regular dinner meetings . And not to forget the social events and gatherings which bring all the families together in a fun environment.

Dr. Latha Kumar

Aima is great opportunity for doctors of Indian origin to socialise, educate and support each other. Sanjay Mukhedkar and team have lifted it to new level. Looking forward to the cruise.

Dr. Sanjay Sharma

AIMA is an unique organisation with a sense of family running through it. AIMA has helped me and my practice with opportunities for networking and professional growth over the last decade and I have made some great friends for life here. I would encourage all doctors of Indian origin to be involved with AIMA.

Dr. Rajesh Kanna

AIMA celebrates what the Indian culture can bring to the Australian medical community. It is a privilege to be embraced within this community; environment that nurtures professional growth but beyond that the formed friendships, camaraderie and mentorship. The story of AIMA started small and has evolved into its present culture reflective of the opportunities it provides to the medical community creating a familial supportive structure. Furthermore what distinguishes AIMA beyond meeting of the minds is the merging of medicine and Bollywood.

Dr. Arti Fayers

We feel privileged and immensely proud to be a part of Australian Indian Medical Association for last 13 years. It is very first organisation in WA to look after the interests of doctors of Indian origin. It helped us facilitate social and professional networking, teaching and exchanging knowledge in very supportive environment.

Dr. Alpana Kulkarni

I am grateful to be a part of an organisation - AIMA, which has evolved with time to support the doctors of Indian Origin, from all over the world. Education, Networking, Developing deep family relationships and friendships and has been a forum to help and get help. I couldn't appreciate more that AIMA has been part of me, and has seen evolving with me. Expansion to sports and social networking is just another bonus, of being the part of AIMA family. I wish AIMA all the success in the future, as always. Best wishes

Dr. Hemant Kulkarni

I am deeply privileged to be associated with AIMA for 11 years and watched with pride the growth over the years, for me personally I’m grateful to mother India for granting me a scholarship to study medicine, I love seeing all our young members rendering input and making AIMA flourish as was evident from the last function, I pray that AIMA grows from strength to strength and our young members carry it through to posterity

Dr Padmini Peters

Joining Aima has enabled me to connect with friends of same background and culture and most of all who are passionate about helping others ... It’s great fun dancing and singing together too ... Thanks team Aima for your amazing leadership

Dr. Rekha Nanda






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