AIMA-CBA Annual Badminton Tournament 2024

AIMA-CBA Annual Badminton Tournament 2024

Event Date:28-04-2024

Event Time:9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location:@Play Point, Ballajura
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a) Please read Tournament regulations as above.
b) Please enter the events you want to register for in the Remark column. Please enter name of partners/ kids for Doubles event. Your partners who are not your family members will need to submit their online entry as well. If you do not have a partner yet you can write " Partner Required". The committee will endeavor to find a partner depending on entries received.
c) Entry for kids is free.
d) If you are submitting entry for your family member as well, please select 2 in no of tickets else submit 1.
e) Last date for Online entry is 20th April 2024

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